Did a thing, wrote a thing…

I haven’t posted here in a while as I have been attempting to do the proper writing up for the project I have been working on for the last couple of years, which is coming to an end this month. In fact much of the thinking in the previous posts has come out of that work, but has only really mentioned the project in passing in an attempt to separate me from it – but it’s a false distinction and I regret not having done an ‘official’ discursive/blog space for the project. The Tate page for the project is here Provisional Semantics: Addressing the challenges of representing multiple perspectives within an evolving digitised national collection.

Anyway, more as a record for myself as usual, I am just flagging an article that my most estimable and lovely colleague Dr Anjalie Dalal-Clayton and I wrote for the Paul Mellon Centre Photographic archive: Against a New Orthodoxy: Decolonised “Objectivity” in the Cataloguing and Description of Artworks (there is a an element which works better on a larger screen than on a mobile device).

Other publicly available outputs from the Provisional Semantics project are (there will be more to come):

From the Imperial War Museums case study:

There is also a description here about work at with Shaheen Merali on the Panchayat Collection for the Tate case study.