A bit of reflection

Last year around June (also the last time I posted on here), I think, Tehmina Goskar responded to an announcement about the project that I am currently working on (Provisional Semantics), with a little gentle probing and holding to account. I wrote back delighted to make contact, and since then there have been many interesting, funny, incisive and compassionate conversations, that quite frankly have kept my brain and my spirit going at various points. She persuaded me to do an interview with her, and her questions were so useful in creating a space for reflection that I was able to start writing for my research again. The interview came out on the blog her professional website, the Curatorial Research Centre, back in January and is here: Part 1 and Part 2. I guess it accounts for what I have been up to and thinking about in the last year, part position statement, part trying to do the work, part anguish. Just parking it here for now.